Your child's diabetes care team

POSTED: 11:09 AM Dec 18 2012   UPDATED: 3:41 PM Jan 03 2013
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By Barbara Floria, Pure Matters

Having a child with diabetes can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a team of experts can guide you now and in the years to come.

"The core of your child's diabetes team is you and your family," says Francine Kaufman, past president of the American Diabetes Association. "Add to that a group of knowledgeable health care professionals, and you're well on your way to creating a care team that works for your child."

Diabetes care team

Your child may see the following specialists.

"As children grow and develop, they are able to do more of the diabetes tasks required to manage the condition," says Ms. Kaufman. "At any age, the child should be encouraged to ask questions and bring his or her concerns about diabetes care to you and the diabetes care team."