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POSTED: 1:54 PM Jun 06 2012   UPDATED: 3:37 PM Jan 13 2015

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Maggie Contreras is the executive producer  at KTXS.

Originally from New Hampshire, Maggie lived in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Tennessee before moving to the great state of Texas.

Maggie gained her love for news while working for her high school TV station, KGLE, at Allen High School in the DFW metroplex. She then went on to spend the best four years of her life at the University of Missouri in the Missouri School of Journalism. MIZ! In college, she reported and produced for the Mizzou-owned NBC affiliate, KOMU.

She moved to Abilene right out of college in May 2011 to work as the 6/10 producer. For the past 3 years, Maggie has had her hands on every news show produced at KTXS.

When she’s not at work, Maggie enjoys spending time with friends, playing with her basset mix, Anni, and curling up with a good book.


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Maggie's Most Recent Stories


Abilene school districts prepare for last day of school, graduations

Abilene ISD and Wylie ISD students are set to celebrate the last day of school on Friday.

Accident on FM 1218 near Noodle

Man flown to Hendrick after accident in Jones County

An accident on FM 1218 near Noodle in Jones County sent one man to the hospital via helicopter.

USPS to scale back processing at Abilene facility

The United States Postal Service will move the majority of mail processing out of the Abilene facility by June 27, according to a USPS spokesperson.

Dyess Air Force Base

Dyess among U.S. military bases to raise base protection level

U.S. military bases across the country rose to "Force Protection Bravo" Thursday night after concerns over ISIS activity.

Breckenridge news

Area in Stephens County declared prehistoric cemetery

The Texas Historical Commission declared an area in Stephens County where prehistoric remains were found as a cemetery.

Abilene Sonic reports theft of nearly $2,000 from safe

A business in the 1400 block of Barrow Street told police $1,845 went missing from its safe over the weekend.

Crime - do not enter

Roofing materials stolen from Abilene church, school

Highland Church of Christ and Abilene High School both reported theft of roofing materials in late April.

Abigail Carrier

Abilene woman arrested for 'huffing' in Walmart bathroom

Abilene police had to use force to get into a bathroom where a woman was seen huffing a substance out of a can on Thursday.

Vidal Gutierrez, Jr.

Abilene man caught, arrested after short police chase

An Abilene man led police on a short foot chase after an officer attempted to pull the car over for expired registration.

Justin Bell

Man skips jury trial, arrested at courthouse next day

A man facing three felony charges missed his jury trial on Monday.

Breckenridge news

More human remains found in Hubbard Creek Reservoir

More human remains – in addition to those of animals – have been found in the bed of Hubbard Creek Reservoir.

Jeffrey Whitehead

Chase in Early ends in one arrest

Early police arrested a 29-year-old man on Wednesday after leading police on a chase through residential neighborhoods.





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