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POSTED: 2:04 PM Dec 24 2013   UPDATED: 1:07 PM May 23 2014

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Blane Singletary is the morning producer for KTXS.

Blane was born in Abilene, but raised in Chalmette, Louisiana. He's been the producer of KTXS This Morning since September 2013.

He came back to the Big Country and attended Abilene Christian University, where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media. In college, he worked at KACU-FM as an on-air anchor and producer. While there, he created and hosted of "Eye on Entertainment," which covered events in the Abilene area.

In his off time, he's an avid gamer, and maintains a collection of classic consoles and games. He also partakes in countless creative endeavors, including writing short stories, novels, and screenplays. He also DJs under the stage name and alter-ego, "Sma Man." He's excited to continue on this next step of his journalistic career at KTXS, and can't wait to see where it leads.

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Suspect arrested in weekend Abilene murder

Abilene police have arrested a man suspected in the death of Latisha Hilley, the woman whose body was found shot to death behind an abandoned house.

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Garage catches fire on Elm Street in Abilene

A residential garage in south Abilene caught fire early Tuesday morning, appearing to burn everything inside.

Pedestrian hit, killed on U.S. 67 near Bangs

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle while standing in the middle of the lane on U.S. 67.

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Funeral plans set for Abilene's only fetal medicine specialist

Funeral arrangements have been made for maternal and fetal medicine specialist Dr. Mark Maberry.

Homeless man killed after being hit by car on South 1st Street

A homeless man was killed early Wednesday after he was hit by a car in front of Kmart on South 1st street. 

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Officials urge extreme caution as flooding continues in Abilene

Fire officials are continuing to urge Abilenians to "exercise caution" in flooded intersections and on roadways.




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