Abilene City Council Meeting: new rifles approved for APD and moving Hwy 351 exit

ABILENE, Texas - New rifles are coming to the Abilene Police Dept. The Abilene City Council approved a bid award to purchase $96,264 worth of rifles.

Each rifle will be reimbursed by the police officers through a payroll deduction, according to police.

This is part of the Abilene Police Departments long-standing rifle program.

Just a reminder: the department has been working on this plan for the last six months. It has no relation to the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Council also approved allowing the city to work with TxDOT to move the Interstate 20 exit ramp for Highway 351.

Right now, people going west on I-20 exit the interstate a couple miles before Highway 351. Many businesses have sprouted up in the area and they said it's difficult for customers to get to them.

Work is currently underway to change all the I-20 frontage roads to one-way.

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