21. Don’t line the bottom of your oven with foil. It can block heat flow and may become a fire hazard, especially in a gas oven.

22. Utilize your toaster oven or microwave (which uses all its energy for heating food, not the container, the oven itself, or the air in your kitchen) for small batches.


23. Opt for the dishwasher over hand washing – it uses 33 percent less hot water.

24. Scrape, don’t rinse, dirty plates or rinse with just cold water.

25. Run only full loads, on the energy-saving cycle.

26. Turn off your dishwasher before the drying cycle starts, open door, and allow to air dry.

27. Buy a low water consumption, low operating cost model.

Garbage Disposal

28. Energy-saving cold water works just as well to operate your garbage disposal as hot does.

29. Cut down on garbage disposal use by composting suitable organic waste.

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