If you’re heading out for a vacation, follow these tips to have peace of mind that your home will be safe while you are away.


First, ask a friend, relative or neighbor to check on your house. Have them bring in your mail, newspapers, and give your home the appearance that someone is there.


Next, don’t post on social media sites that you are heading out of town. You never know who might stumble upon that information, so it’s best to leave it off of those sites.


If you’re going on an extended vacation, it’s a good idea to let the police know. This might encourage them to drive by your home to make sure everything looks OK.


When deciding what to do with your window coverings, it’s best to leave them as you normally would. This won’t draw attention to your home and will allow friends or police to peer inside your windows if needed.


Put your lights on a timer. Leaving your lights on all day and night will be costly, and it could also let potential burglars know that no one is home. It would seem odd if a home had its lights on overnight. Instead, by putting your lights on a timer it will look like someone is home to turn them on and off.


Stopping your mail while you’re on an extended vacation will prevent your mail from piling up.


And lastly, if you have a spare key hidden around the exterior of your home, make sure you remove it before you leave on vacation.