Consider the Following: 

•  Type of Service: Do you need cleaning-only service, or do you require maid service that might include picking up after your family or running light errands?

•  Frequency of Service: Do you need weekly

       cleaning or will every other week do? Perhaps you only require a quarterly deep cleaning?

  • Supplies and Equipment: Will you provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment, or would you prefer that your service handle it all?
  • Products Used: Do you want all-natural organic cleaning products, or do you feel that it's not clean unless it's "Lysol clean"?
  • The White Glove Test: Make a list of your expectations and share them with your cleaner so that there are no misunderstandings. Do they do windows?
  • Contracts: Does your cleaning service provide a standard service agreement? Does it offer return service if you are not satisfied with the work?