Protections from Loss or Damage

  • Hiring Practices: Does the agency or cleaning company do background checks on its employees for criminal records and immigration status?
  • Insurance: Any agency or company should provide proof of liability insurance. Things happen. The cleaner could be vacuuming when the cord inadvertently pulls over an expensive table, or the maid could accidentally spill cleaning solution on the carpet. Does the company's insurance provide coverage for your loss? If the maid falls down the stairs or off a stepladder, does the firm hold worker's compensation insurance? Making sure that the hiring firm has the appropriate insurances, based on local law, will give you peace of mind. If you are hiring a private cleaner, he is less likely to hold this level of insurance and you will need to decide if you can accept any potential losses that occur in your home.
  • Bonding: A bonded company has secured funds, controlled by the state, to cover potential losses due to theft. A bonded employee is someone who has undergone an in-depth background check and is deemed by the bonding company to be worth insuring. If that person does end up stealing from you, you will be compensated by that state-controlled fund.
  • Who is it today? If you are going through an agency, the cleaners it sends may rotate and you may not get the same person each week. If consistency is important to you, then you will want to make sure to address that in the hiring process.
  • Licensing: Requirements vary from state to state and you should check with the appropriate local government agency to find out what's required in your own state.

Whether you are hiring a private, independent cleaner or someone through an agency or service company, being clear about your expectations and needs is vitally important to establishing a productive working relationship. Asking the important questions about background checks and insurance will protect you and your home from accidents and neglect.