Make sure your house cleaner is insured

POSTED: 3:18 PM Jun 27 2012   UPDATED: 10:55 AM Jul 11 2012
duster cleaning table

By Linda Merrill, Networx

There are many important decisions that go into hiring a house cleaner or cleaning service. In addition to assessing the cleaner's quality of work, you must assess other factors, too. Remember, you will be inviting a relative stranger into your home who will often be working unattended.

Consider the Following: 

•  Type of Service: Do you need cleaning-only service, or do you require maid service that might include picking up after your family or running light errands?

•  Frequency of Service: Do you need weekly

       cleaning or will every other week do? Perhaps you only require a quarterly deep cleaning?

Protections from Loss or Damage

Whether you are hiring a private, independent cleaner or someone through an agency or service company, being clear about your expectations and needs is vitally important to establishing a productive working relationship. Asking the important questions about background checks and insurance will protect you and your home from accidents and neglect.