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City council approves new movie theater for north Abilene

There will be a new spot to watch movies on the big screen as Abilene City Council approved a request to build a new theater in north Abilene Thursday.

Teacher Tribute: First-year Abilene teacher making positive impact

Mallory Finley is making a big impact on students at Lee Elementary in her first year teaching.

No new airlines at Abilene Regional Airport due to slow growth

ABI is recovering from a slow year, making it hard to secure service from a second airline.

Phillip and Violet Walter

An Abilene couple -- Phillip and Violet Walter -- was arrested during September 2015 for the murder of Abilene police officer Don Allen.

Judge: No reduced bond for man accused of killing Abilene officer

A man accused of killing Abilene police officer Don Allen has had his request for a reduction of his $600,000 bond denied.

31 indicted in Taylor County, including 12 for methamphetamine

A Taylor County grand jury indicted the following 31 people on criminal charges in Abilene Thursday.

21-year-old Isaac Maldonado

21-year-old Isaac Maldonado

2 Abilene men indicted for aggravated assault, deadly conduct

A Taylor County grand jury on Thursday indicted two Abilene men for aggravated assault and deadly conduct.

Photos: Head-on collision in Abilene sends 2 to hospital

Two people were taken to the hospital Thursday – one with serious injuries – after a head-on collision on Winters Freeway.

According to police, a silver car had a blowout while traveling north on Winters Freeway near the South 7th Street exit and then slid around before hitting a black pickup.

A woman, although she was alert and talking, was considered to be in serious condition. She was taken to an Abilene hospital, while the pickup driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The accident occurred about 11:45 a.m.

The two vehicles ended up on Danville Drive.

Photos and story by Nick Bradshaw/KTXS News

Abilene apartment sustains $10,000 in damage in Wednesday fire

A north Abilene apartment was made an empty husk after a fire started and burned through multiple rooms Wednesday evening.

Michele Covarrubias

Michele Covarrubias

Wanted Wednesdays: Abilene police seek 3 suspects

Abilene police are seeking three suspects as part of its "Wanted Wednesdays."

Abilene police tweet

'Do you live in this area?' Abilene police say take note if you do

The Abilene Police Department released a map Wednesday warning Abilenians about a "spike in burglaries" in Central Abilene.

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storm alert

Mark Rowlett: Tracking more mild weather

Fair skies should continue into Saturday