ABILENE, Texas -

Hundreds of people from across the United States attended the 12th annual Icebreaker. It's a three-day event to kick off the dirt racing season.

For some people it's just a sporting event, but for one family it's a long time tradition.

Truman Davis’ entire family raced in the Icebreaker.

"I've got grandsons racing, have granddaughters raced, my wife has raced," Davis said. "The entire family has raced with the exception of the nine year old – and we hope to have him in one in three years."

Davis has been racing since 1965. His son David Davis said he remembers the first time they hit the track.

"It was actually back in '01, but I passed him by the corner," David Davis said. "It wasn't too bad for me."

David's brother Ryan was happy to pass it on to the next generation.

"My oldest boy has been racing since he was four years old in go-carts," said Ryan Davis. "My nephew and my other son have been racing since they were six years old."

The Davis family said while they're a close knit family, it's every man for himself on the tracks.

"It's kind of like a competition, wanting to be better than the other ones and win all the time," J.D. Davis said.

"Last night was my first time out with my grandpa," cousin Kendall Rey said. "I bumped him a couple times and then went by him. He was mad, but I finished in front of him so I was pretty glad."

"It's all about bragging rights," Ty Davis said. "Whoever wins, you get the week. Whoever loses you get put down."

This year's Icebreaker had three times as many cars than previous years. More than 200 racers participated.

NASCAR driver Ken Schraeder attended and drove in the competition.