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Brookshire's protest sign near Albany

Brookshire's grocery chain funds beer and wine proposition in Shackelford Co.

A major grocery chain is financially behind a proposition to allow beer and wine sales in Shackelford county.

Center for Life Resources plans training program for suicide prevention

You cannot predict death by suicide but you can identify people who are at an increased risk for suicidal behavior.  Every 40 seconds someone in the world commits suicide.

Abilene voters to consider nearly $50 million in street, sidewalk repairs

Abilene voters will consider nearly $50 million in street and sidewalk repairs in the May 9 city election.

Master Gardener spring plant sale Saturday

It's the biggest plant sale of the year!

Abilene ranked one of worst cities for allergy sufferers

Abilene is among 100 cities across the nation that are the most challenging places to live with allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

West Abilene apartment building evacuated due to fire

A two alarm fire broke out just before 5:30 Friday afternoon at The Landing apartment complex in west Abilene.

Child star Sawyer Sweeten. who was born in Brownwood, has died

Former child star Sawyer Sweeten committed suicide at age 19 early Thursday morning.

Doberman eats watches

X-ray of dog's stomach turns up 3 watches

You might call her a watchdog, because this Boston area Doberman really has a thing for timepieces.

Bruce Jenner in black

Bruce Jenner: 'For all intents and purposes, I'm a woman'

After weeks of promos, predictions and magazine covers, Bruce Jenner finally spoke publicly on Friday.

And viewers of ABC's exclusive Diane Sawyer interview didn't have to wait long…

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bwood fire

Propane fuels fire that destroys Brownwood home

A Brownwood home was destroyed in a blaze that investigators say propane tanks accelerated.

Charles Wayne Vernon

Local Mugshots

Check out the latest mugshots from Abilene, the Big Country.

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