GALLERY: Exclusive photos of Scurry County crime scene from the sky (12 PHOTOS)

POSTED: 9:28 AM Mar 20 2013   UPDATED: 1:49 PM Mar 20 2013

KTXS got an exclusive view of the crime scene in Scurry County where human remains were discovered on Saturday. The remains were found near Lake JB Thomas.  Law enforcement had been blocking off the road to the area.

As of Tuesday, the search for more remains was complete.

The FBI, Texas Rangers, Department of Public Safety, and Colorado City police were all on scene. There are orange flags marking the crime scene scattered around the area. The remains were found in a section of land covered in mesquite trees, cactus, and thorns.

So far no identification of the remains has been made.

All photos are exclusive to KTXS.

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