Homes sought for 30 seized Chihuahuas (4 photos)

POSTED: 10:19 AM Jul 23 2013   UPDATED: 11:20 AM Jul 23 2013

Rescue the Animals, SPCA is looking for help in finding homes for 30 seized Chihuahuas.

The animals, which range from puppies to full grown, were recently seized in a nearby unidentified county.

(For more information, call Rescue the Animals, SPCA at 325-695-7270)   

“Due to other issues involved in the case that may affect the safety of our staff, we are not reveailing the location of the seizure,” Rescue the Animals President Paul Washburn said.

According to Washburn, the animals had been kept in a 13 foot by 30 foot portable building “without any cooling or access to the outside.”

“The conditions were terrible to say the least, but quick action by local authorities got the dogs out while they were still in good health,” Washburn said.

A special adoption fee of $50 has been instituted, Washburn said, and includes spay/neuter, shots, worming, heart worm test, and vet exam.

-- Photos provided by Rescue the Animals

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