Five injured in four-vehicle accident on I-20

POSTED: 9:33 AM Jul 26 2013   UPDATED: 10:17 AM Jul 26 2013

Westbound lanes of Interstate 20 near Pine Street were closed Friday morning due a four-vehicle accident that injured five.

Police said a pickup truck towing a Nissan vehicle attempted to merge onto I-20 – and the driver didn’t see another truck on the outside lane. The illegal lane change caused two pickup trucks to run off the road. One of the trucks that was swiped came to a rest after hitting a guardrail. The vehicle in tow ended up flipping and landing on its top side.

Of five injured in the accident, one -- an unidentified female -- was transported to Hendrick Medical Center for her injuries. There was no immediate word on her condition.

Photos by Joe Fry/KTXS

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