ABILENE, Texas -

Steve Freeman moved to Ohlhausen Road, south of Abilene, about eight years ago. He never saw a dead animal dumped in his neighborhood until two months ago, but since then he has found several.

"We haven't had any animals dumped out here in years – and in the last two months all of a sudden we have four of them, very similar dogs, it doesn't look like it's above suspicion," said Freeman.

Thursday Freeman found another carcass. That brought the total to five in two months. He said they all look like long-haired German Shepherd type dogs and they don't appear to have any visible wounds. He is concerned it could be the result of heat stroke or some kind of disease.

"It angers me that they're dumping their animals out here and I have to deal with it. You’re dumping your problem on me and that bothers me," Freeman said.

The Abilene Animal Shelter’s Aaron Vannoy said it's not uncommon for people to illegally dump their dead animals.

"We come across deceased animals that have been dumped in different places and so that happens weekly," said Vannoy.

Vannoy said other options exist for those that need to dispose of a dead animal.

"Here in town we do have cremation services here at the facility that you can pay for a private cremation or we do a communal cremation," Vannoy said.

Vannoy said not only is a decomposing animal a nuisance because of the smell, but it could also spread disease if other animals come in contact with it. He said those who can't afford to cremate their pet can bring it to a landfill for free.

Rescue the Animals SPCA agreed that the dumped dog carcasses sound suspicious – and that the organization is offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.