ACU professor helps out at Democratic National Convention

POSTED: 10:35 PM Sep 02 2012
david dillman
ABILENE, Texas -

Many people in Charlotte are getting ready for the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. Abilene Christian university professor Dr. David Dillman is one of them. Although his job is behind the scenes, he said it's still pretty important.

"The purpose is to make sure that they give the best speech possible," said Dillman.

Dillman meets with speakers and escorts them to each of their engagements. He said he thinks the convention is an essential part of the presidential campaign.

"For informing people that haven’t really paid much attention about who these nominees are and what they stand for. About the party platforms and what they stand for. So it does serve an education purpose," he said. 

Dillman has been at the convention site all week getting ready and he said you can feel the growing anticipation.

"Delegates haven't arrived yet that I know of and a lot of staff and the arena is still in last stages of preparation, but people are getting excited and staffers know they don't have much time left," said Dillman.

Dillman said this year's convention is going to be a big one, because there isn't a clear favorite in the presidential race.

"I think everyone knows this one's going to be tight so I expect to see a lively convention," he said.

Although a lively convention might mean more work for Dillman, he said sharing his experience with his students makes it worth his time.