ABILENE, Texas -

The 350th District Court jury trial date for ex-city of Abilene translator Aloys Nzeyimana, who is accused of sexually assaulting refugees, has been re-scheduled several times.

His most recent jury trial setting was postponed Monday. According to the state, prosecutors have had trouble finding a translator for Nzeyimana's alleged African refugee victims. He was arrested in 2010 and is charged with multiple sexual assault charges along with an indecency with a child and burglary charge.

Dr. Zane Travis, with the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, wrote a letter to the Abilene Reporter-News about his perception of Nzeyimana as a former co-worker and his opinion on the postponed trials.

Dr. Travis's letter reads as follows:

"I wish to alert Abilenians to a perceived injustice. You may have noticed recently that the trial for Aloys Nzeyimana was postponed for the 10th time.

Aloys was employed by the Abilene Health District as an interpreter for International Rescue Committee refugees and worked under my supervision and that of the official refugee nurse. For about five years. We watched him help refugees above and beyond expected duties, with kindness and humor. He was active in his church and at local organized refugee information meetings.

In December 2010, he was arrested in a parking lot as he was leaving the health department, apparently accused of sexually assaulting several refugee women. At the time of his arrest, he was held in the parking lot for 50 minutes until the newspaper could get there and take his picture, which was on the front page the next day. His office was quickly searched and contents removed.

His fellow employees (including me) were shocked at the charges. His bail was set at $450,000 — a heroic amount for no reported injuries. Nobody ever went to the E.R. claiming they had been raped or attacked. It is believed that the original charges may have been spurred by a disgruntled stepdaughter, who had been brought here from Africa at Aloys’ expense. Apparently there was a problem finding people who were allegedly hurt by him, since a notice was placed in Swahili on the front page of the paper asking for people to come forward who had been harmed by him.

Actually, the people did come forward for him since the courtroom was packed with his friends and church members protesting the ridiculous $450,000 bail. The judge refused to lower the bail.

Aloys was put in jail for approximately five months until his bail was lowered somewhat.

In jail, he continued to be kind and help his fellow prisoners. When visited by me and others he was cheerful and hopeful. He was finally released from jail after his bail had been lowered and paid by his wife. He was re-arrested as he was leaving church a week later and finally again released. He has continued to live with his lovely wife and natural daughters, working at small jobs and drive-ins, wherever he could find a job. His wife has worked faithfully to keep their family together. Aloys is highly educated and speaks five languages,

I personally went to the DA about a of year ago asking for specific charges. He dismissed me quickly with no information.

His trial has now been postponed for the 10th time. Is this America or Russia? This man deserves his day in court!"