ABILENE, Texas -

In 2005, Frank Zerilli and Franklin Calvin traveled to Calgary, Canada for a church conference, but they never expected what happened next.  

"The day we arrived was the day Canada legalized gay marriage, so we kind of said, ‘You want to do this?’” Zerilli said.

"Yeah, it was a last-minute thing," Calvin agreed.

Almost eight years later, the vows they read still aren't legally recognized in the U.S.

"I mean you know we've got how many states now that perform marriages and yet our federal government is saying, ‘No we're not going to honor them,’ and that's just not right," Zerilli said.

Zerilli and Calvin hope the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear arguments on California’s gay marriage ban could change that.

So, are they nervous or excited?

"I’m excited," Zerilli said.

"A bit of both I guess," Calvin said.