ABILENE, Texas -

Two Abilene men are on a mission to put smiles on the faces of drivers.

Jeffery Addison and Dillon Chafin have been holding up handmade signs on Buffalo Gap Road near Rebecca Lane since Monday to get their message across.

Addison started the movement.

“I'm just here to make people smile, put smiles on people's faces on their way to work,” Addison said. “I have ‘smile,’ ‘honk if you love someone,’ ‘smile you look great,’ ‘don't be so hard on yourself’ and ‘you're created beautifully.’”

Addison said his favorite sign is “smile you look great.”

“I get a lot of smiles on this one, so I like this one,” Addison said.

The signs also get drivers to honk their horns and show their approval.

“I know some people have bad days and I know just an encouraging word can change the outlook of someone's day,” Addison said. “Yesterday a lady came and rolled down her window and said 'Oh you just made my day' and I just smiled so big and that just made my day having her say that.”

Addison said his mission in life is to make people smile and his brother-in-law wants to see it through.

“He came to me and told me about it and he's been through so much and I was like ‘yeah man I'll support you,’” Chafin said. “So this is all him and I'm doing it for him and it's just a great deal.”

Addison and Chafin said they are overwhelmed by the drivers’ responses.

“I got donuts and a hot chocolate this morning from some random guy driving by,” Chafin said.

Addison said he does not plan on quitting anytime soon and he will pick a new spot in Abilene next week.