ABILENE, Texas -

The Abilene Parks Division is working to replace most of the playground equipment at Cobb Park before the end of December. They said they've budgeted about $65,000 for the upgrade.

People who showed up to play at Cobb Park Thursday were surprised to see most of the playground missing.

"Typically about every 15 to 20 years the equipment needs to be replaced to keep up with standards. The equipment at Cobb was old enough it was getting hard to find replacement parts," said manager of the Abilene Parks Division Bob Cheatham.

People who visit the park often said they noticed the equipment wasn't up to date.

"It was getting kind of tattered. It needed to be replaced," said Robert Moran who walks his dog in the park every day. 

The Abilene Parks Division said it wasn't anything to be worried about.

"It was basically safe, but like I said the standards change," said Cheatham.

Every year the Abilene Parks Division chooses one playground to replace. While people are thankful for the upgrades, Moran said he misses watching the kids enjoy the park.

"Right now no one comes by in the afternoon like they normally would and that's kind of nice to see from time to time," said Moran.

The playground isn't the only thing the parks division will be working on. They will also be adding some safety surfacing and new lighting.