Abilenians Differ On Controversial Voter ID Bill

POSTED: 6:13 AM Mar 25 2011   UPDATED: 6:34 AM Mar 25 2011
ABILENE, Texas -

The Voter ID bill, which requires all Texas voters to show a government issued ID to vote, is one step closer to becoming law. The House passed the bill Thursday.

Some people across Abilene said the bill is a good idea, but others think the state has more to worry about than requiring voters to show their ID.

?It's actually a good idea,? resident James Ainsley, said. ?You should verify who you are before you vote and make sure you haven't voted twice and that you're eligible to vote.?

Congressman Randy Neugebauer told KTXS a similar bill is up for vote in the U.S. Congress and that this bill is necessary to help prevent voter fraud.

?My personal opinion is that we need to make sure the people that are casting that very important constitutional right of voting should be the people that are authorized,? Rep. Neugebauer said.

Ainsley does not think the bill will eliminate unauthorized voters from casting their ballots.

?It'll help it, but there's always going to be a way," Ainsley said.

Another Abilenian thinks there is nothing wrong with the current voting system.

?I think the system that's set up is pretty good, but there?s a much bigger problem than whether or not someone has an ID or not," Gary Hartley, Abilene resident, said.

Cassie Hobbins is happy the state is taking extra precautions to secure her voting rights.

?I would hate for somebody to go in there and vote using my name and vote something I wouldn't vote,? Hobbins said.

Taylor County elections office said they are prepared for the possible change.

?Our job will be to educate the Taylor County voters and let them know that they will need to bring an ID when they come to vote,? Kristi Allyn, Taylor County Elections Administrator, said.

The next step for the bill is to have the senate make changes. After that, it will go to Gov. Rick Perry for the final approval.