ABILENE, Texas -

Above average heat and below average rainfall continued to plague the  area this summer but will Fall be any better?

Between now and December, the Climate Prediction Center calls for near normal temperatures, despite the above average temperatures that will be likely during the month of October.

As far as rainfall, above average amounts are expected south of I-20 while normal amounts are expected north of I-20.

This all has to do with the development of a weak El Nino.

Typically, El Nino brings about wetter-than-normal winter months. During an El Nino winter, rainfall amounts average 4.03" while regular winters usually see about 3.36".

With a weak El Nino, the Big Country is more likely to see rain than with a stronger El Nino because the jet stream doesn't sweep down as far to our west.

These forecasts all carry a fair amount of uncertainty but, for now, the outlook for the Fall months is good.