ABILENE, Texas -

A beehive has been wreaking havoc on people walking by the corner of 12st Street and Graham Street. Neighbors in the area said they can't believe what they're seeing people go through.

"Running down the road screaming, waving their hands in the air and there was one woman laying in somebody's yard rolling around trying to get them off of her. People were shedding clothes and flip flops," said Misty Hughes who lives across the street from the beehive.

Angie Compton lives a block away from the hive. She said a few days ago she was walking to pick up her kids from school when a bee started following her.

"One hit me and I just slapped it, not realizing they send out signal,s and I hit it and then they all swarmed all over my face," said Compton. She said she ran to her house in a panic and was chased by the swarm. By the time she called 911 she had already been stung 23 times.

The beehive is inside a wall of a house. Hughes said a beekeeper stopped by the bee-infested house yesterday, but was unable to remove the bees without permission from the homeowner.

"They're gonna do something about it. They're gonna get rid of them cause they can't stay that way. They're dangerous. They're chasing people," said Hughes.