Big Country Republicans already thinking about next election

POSTED: 10:39 PM Nov 07 2012   UPDATED: 8:45 AM Nov 08 2012
Romney rally 4
ABILENE, Texas -

The 2012 General Election left Republicans across the country disappointed. The Taylor County Republican Party is already thinking about what they need to do for the next presidential election.

"Our goal is to solidify our base but also try to reach out to those who may not call themselves Republicans, but if they really look in their souls, they'll realize that our views are pretty much the same," Treasurer Kyle McAlister said.

McAlister said they need to better communicate their values to certain voters.

"It's no secret that where the Republicans really need to make an emphasis is into the minorities," he said. "Once they really see what we really stand for, then it doesn't matter the color of their skin, it doesn't matter their gender. They're going to say, 'hey those conservative ideas, those are my ideas."

Of the Hispanics who voted, about 71 percent voted for President Barack Obama.

The local GOP plans to be more visible over the next few years and appeal to younger voters who are a challenge for any political party.

"We need to really encourage voters to get involved younger so that they are informed voters and are passionate voters," McAlister said.

He said voter apathy was the biggest obstacle they faced this past election and that all Republicans need to vote to counterbalance liberal voters.

"People just don't vote because they think it doesn't matter," he said. "We all know that one vote does matter."

The last time Texas voted democratic in a presidential election was for Jimmy Carter in 1976.