ABILENE, Texas -

Since the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, President Barack Obama has been talking about strengthening gun laws.

According to some Abilene dealers, gun sales have spiked said the president mentioned gun control.

"I believe everybody's worried about our second amendment and what's going to take place with it," said Kenneth Hobbs, gun sales clerk at B&B Pawn and Trading.  

Wednesday, the president will propose tighter regulations that Vice President Joe Biden and the administration have been working on for weeks.

The president’s package may include some type of reinstatement of an assault weapon ban, restrictions on the sale of high-capacity magazines, and tougher background checks for the sale and transfer of a weapon.

Gun dealers said assault-type rifles are popular and commonly used for hunting in Texas.

"We have a lot of sportsmen in this area. They do a lot of hog hunting, a lot of deer hunting. Really they're a sports weapon in this area," Hobbs said.

One gun dealer said it couldn't hurt to beef up restrictions on who gets to buy a gun.

"I think better checks or maybe more checks would be okay. Background checks, especially if it has to do with the mentally ill," Hobbs said.

Gun control opponents in Congress have promised the president a political fight against tighter gun control policies.