Brown County election ballot error corrected, elections office still urges voters to call

POSTED: 8:06 PM Nov 01 2012   UPDATED: 8:25 PM Nov 01 2012
Early voting, Ohio

An error on a Brown County election ballot may have caused some voters not to be able to vote for a school board race in Brownwood.

Redistricting lines have recently been redrawn for Brownwood ISD's seven districts.

Place 4 is where the problem was with the Brown County election's office maps.

The error has been corrected, but Brown County election officials still urge voters who missed out to come back to the Adam's Street Community Center and cast their vote.

"We got a call that afternoon, and he said, 'I've got some people on this list that shouldn't be here,'" said Larry Franks Brown County Assistant Elections Administrator.

The error on the election ballot concerning the Place 4 Brownwood ISD Board of Trustee race allowed some voters to vote who weren't eligible.

"We had seven people in those first two days of early voting that voted and shouldn't have, and unfortunately there's nothing we can do; it's a secret ballot, we have no clue who they voted for," said Franks.

Others weren't able to vote because they were mistakenly placed in a different region.

Precincts eligible to vote for B.I.S.D. Place 4 Trustee are 101, 105, 202, 303, 410, and 417.

Stanley Walker Jr., one of the candidates seeking the affected position, noticed the error.

"The elections office here has been very professional. I know that each one of us candidates would love to win by a landslide, but if we lose by less than seven votes, somebody might raise an eyebrow and challenge the election," said Walker Jr.

Eric Evans and Brant Baugh are also running for the position.

The Secretary of State's Office Elections Division said if a County Judge and the other parties are in agreement, it's likely a matter they won't have to deal with.

To contact the election's office located in the Adam's Street Community Center, call 325-646-4333.