Brownwood ISD snow day

POSTED: 2:14 PM Jan 30 2013   UPDATED: 7:38 PM Jan 04 2013
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Friday morning snow fall was just enough to give students at Brownwood ISD what they wanted.

It's two words every student dreams of hearing in the morning: snow day.

But in Brownwood, Texas, it's not something they're use to hearing.

"It was kind of a surprise, I was hoping, but it usually doesn't happen often," said Madison Chesser, 7th grader at Brownwood Middle School.

"About 5th grade was the last time I saw snow," said Karly Harper, 7th grader, Brownwood Middle School.

"Like two or three years ago actually, like when we had snow this deep," said Emily Perez, 7th grader. Brownwood Middle School.

It didn't take long for friends to get a hold of each other to make plans.

"We're all on the same basketball team, so we're all up early for athletics and they all text me and were like 'we need to get together at the park today,' so that's what we're doing," said Dalainy Garza, 7th grader, Brownwood Middle School.

Several Brownwood ISD students gathered at Coggin Park Friday morning, doing what every kid wants to do in the snow.

"We're at Coggin Park right now, and we're going to have a snowball fight and make snowmen," said Chesser.

All of the students were more than pleased to have Friday off school, and to enjoy a long weekend.

Brownwood ISD was the only school to cancel classes for Friday. They had just gotten back from winter break on Thursday.