ABILENE, Texas -

Car sales were up this year according to Truecar.com. Truecar.com tracks car sales trends and said all car companies have good numbers this year.

American car companies saw a rise of about 10 percent. Japanese car companies saw the biggest jump. Honda sold about 50 percent more vehicles in 2012.

Sterling Volkswagen in Abilene said they also witnessed an increase.

"Based on the last 17 months of our sales records we have actually only missed our objective twice," said Jason Pena, a salesman at Sterling.

He said car sales are typically higher in the summer months.

"The sales season in the car business starts around the end of march beginning of April and goes on through the end of August," Pena said.

Some customers at a Ford dealership in Abilene said they were in the market for a new vehicle because they held onto their old cars long enough.

"The car we have has been a good car.  It's ten years old and I wanted something I could depend on to get down the road," said Randy Kevil who purchased a new Ford on Friday.

Kevil said she thinks people have been keeping their cars for a longer time because of the difficult economy.