CISCO, Texas -

The Cisco City Council brought up the idea of a city-wide curfew for kids 17 and under Monday night at their regular council meeting.

It all started with a few parents talking about the need for a child curfew.

Cisco City Manager Jim Baker said city council is still in the very early stages of this idea, but they are looking into it.

“If there's anything the council can do to make it a little safer a little more pleasant that's what they're looking at," said Baker.

Several teenagers in Cisco said they aren't opposed to the idea of a curfew, even if it means going home a little earlier.

“It would be good for our whole city to just keep out of crime," said Cisco High School freshman Lacey Petree.

"I’m not out late as it is, but I really think it could help us some," agreed Cisco teenager Harley Harris.

Cisco junior Abisai Hernendez said, "it will be a pretty good way to stop violence or just trouble makers from doing things."

But Hernandez said although he isn’t against the idea of a curfew, he isn’t sure it’s necessary. "It’s more of a parent’s job to be able to restrain their children not really the city's," he said. 

Baker disagreed.

"Anything that's in the lines of the city limits is the responsibility of the city," Baker said.

For now, city workers are gathering as much information as they can about the topic before bringing it to a vote.

The next Cisco City Council meeting is on February 25, but it is still unclear if this topic will be on the agenda at that meeting.