CISCO, Texas -

A Union Pacific spokesperson said Tuesday that crews have contained a chemical spill and have already removed several gallons of the contaminants at the train derailment site near Cisco.

Around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, 24 cars derailed on tracks north of Interstate 20, and a mile away from Cisco, on a bridge over a creek.

Some of those cars were carrying petroleum oil and methanol that leaked into the creek. Union Pacific and Eastland County officials said the creek is a dry creek that has only recently filled up due to rain.

Union Pacific said it will continue to work on the spill but they have made significant progress and will continue to take water samples from the area. They also say the contaminants do not pose any danger to nearby residents.

They say they are also working with the EPA and the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality to keep them informed of their progress.

Tuesday, Union Pacific said it has removed all of the cars from the tracks and placed them near the tracks until they can decide which ones can be restored.

Those that cannot be restored will be cut up in to smaller pieces and salvaged.

They are now working on a temporary track that will be safety tested.

Union Pacific told KTXS the other cars were mostly carrying industrial freight. They also said they are not yet sure what caused the derailment but the rain may have been a contributing factor.