ABILENE, Texas -

February is national canned food month and the Food Bank of West Central Texas is in desperate need of certain items and volunteers.

The food bank provides food to 13 counties in the Big Country and serves agencies that provide food to low-income families with children and senior citizens. The bank is currently in need of canned fruit, corn, cereal and macaroni and cheese.

Joy Fincher, director of programs and agency relations at the food bank, said the food bank is always in need of donations no matter the amount of food they have stored.

“It may look like they have a lot of food but the food comes in and goes out as fast as it, you know, as fast as it comes in it goes out,” Fincher said.

According to the food bank’s website, 53 percent of the people who benefit from the food bank’s resources earned incomes below the poverty level the month before they reached out for help. Of the households served, 41 percent have at least one employed adult.

Tara Sutton, property manager for the Windsor Hotel, also runs the Windsor Nutritional Pantry for the hotels’ senior citizen residents and buys food from the food bank.

“This helps out a lot because a lot of people can't get food stamps but they're still hungry,” Sutton said. “A lot of them are on fixed income--they have little access to food, they have no transportation to get food, their food stamp has been cut so this helps them. They come down once a week, they get some food to last them throughout the week.”

The bank is constantly in need of volunteers.

“Oh I enjoy it, I enjoy working with the people that I work with but then it helps so many people outside of Abilene even,” Loretta McBeath, a volunteer of 12 years, said.

To learn more about donating or volunteering, call the food bank at (325) 695-6311. The food bank is located at 5505 N. 1st St. in Abilene.