Friends and family are mourning the loss of Jillian Thomas, who was a passenger killed in an early Saturday morning two-vehicle accident in Abilene.

Happy, joyful, and a great person are some of the words that friends use to remember Jillian Thomas. 

While they are sad she's gone, they remember her as full of life.

"This is a picture from a marathon they did together," said friend Rachel Harred.

Jillian Thomas was a health enthusiast and enjoyed living life.

"It's tough," Harred said. "It's hard to look at. We had a lot of really fun times together."

Harred is one of Jillian's closest friends. She remembered their first meeting working at working out at the gym.

"One day we were talking and she said, ‘You know what? We should hang out. What are you doing this weekend?’” Harred said. “And so we just hit it off and were close friends ever since then."

These are Rachel's early memories of Jillian, who died a car accident on Saturday night cut her life short at just 27. Also killed in the accident was former Wylie High athlete Spencer LaBrie, 19. She was a passenger in LaBrie’s vehicle.

On Monday, Harred braved through the pictures of their friendship.

Rachel said, "This was Jillian's 27th birthday which was this May."

"I never saw her angry," Harred said. "I mean she was just the happiest most loving person that you could ever meet."

Jillian had the same effect on those she worked with. She was as a speech pathologist at Coronado Nursing Center in Abilene.

Co-worker Brittany Watson remembered her for “the way she spoke to her patients, the way she worked with her patients, the way that she treated us all here at work."

Her friends describe a person who will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

"She was just the type of person that you want to be," Harred said.