Gas prices are on the rise: What's to blame?

POSTED: 8:14 PM Feb 04 2013
ABILENE, Texas -

According to AAA, the calendar may be the cause of the recent punch from the pump.

A drive around town has probably resulted in some alarmed glances at the gas prices.

Over the last few days, gas prices have surged around Abilene.

"Gas prices are expected to rise steadily as many refineries close for scheduled turnaround maintenance" said Avery Ash, a spokesman from AAA.

These refineries also use this time to switch from a wintertime gasoline blend to the summer blend.

With a reduction in production, the result is higher gas prices.

Around Abilene, drivers have come to expect this sort of thing.

"It seems like it goes up every month now, I mean that's what you expect" said Nathan Lomax.

Joe Wilson said "It hurts your pocketbook but at the same time it's a necessary item and whatever the price is, you've got to pay it".

Over the next several weeks, AAA is predicting a steady increase in fuel costs but they don't expect them to rise as high as last spring's values.