Officials in Colorado City are continuing their efforts to discover evidence related to the disappearance of 13-year-old Colorado Middle School student Hailey Dunn.

Officials confirmed Wednesday that Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend of Hailey?s mother, has been administered a polygraph test. He was reportedly the last person who saw Hailey before she disappeared on Dec. 27.

Officials also confirmed that Hailey?s home was searched Wednesday for any clues that may have been missed earlier.

The search was conducted by the Texas Rangers, who looked through the home then spent 10 minutes in an outdoor storage shed.

Hailey was last seen on Dec. 27 when she reportedly told Adkins that she was spending the night with a friend.

However, she never made it to the friend?s house, and the friend has since told KTXS News that she didn?t know Hailey was coming ? that they hadn?t made plans for her to spend the night.

Hailey?s mother, Billie Dunn, has said her daughter may have spoken to friends on Dec. 27 after her last reported sighting.

According to the ?Nancy Grace? television show, aired Tuesday night, bloodhounds have been used and possibly tracked Hailey?s scent to a local motel ? although a search of the motel and review of the motel security videotape apparently revealed no other evidence.

No statewide Amber Alert has been issued because the case has not met the criteria for issuing such an alert.

State officials have three times refused to issue the Amber Alert, Colorado City officials say, because there is no physical evidence to show that Hailey has been abducted or that she is facing physical harm.

A reward for Hailey?s return has now grown to $25,000.