TUSCOLA, Texas -

Monday, more than 80 people showed up to a public hearing held at Jim Ned High School. Jim Ned CISD's board held the required public hearing to discuss a controversial detachment and annexation petition to send Novice ISD students to Jim Ned.

The meeting was required because both Jim Ned CISD and Novice ISD acknowledged the petition during a September meeting.

"I filed this petition not for my grandson, I filed it for the people of Novice," said Doris Duke, who favors the detachment and annexation of Novice’s land to Jim Ned. 

On Nov. 1. Novice ISD’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to detach part of their land and annex it to Jim Ned CISD.

However, on Election Day, Coleman ISD and Novice ISD residents voted to approve the school districts' consolidation with Coleman.

"The citizens of the Novice Independent School District and the people of the Coleman Independent School District have spoken remarkably approval to consolidate into one single district. We ask that you just let us accomplish that task," said Joan Ethridge at Monday night’s hearing.

Ethridge lives inside of the area that would be detached and annexed to Jim Ned. She would rather see that land become a part of Coleman ISD.

As a result of the election results, at least some of Novice ISD's land will become a part of Coleman. However, how much land goes to Coleman will depend on whether Jim Ned votes to accept the petition to detach and annex more than 50 percent of Novice's land to Jim Ned. 

The Jim Ned board will vote on the issue Thursday.