JoJo the Ball Python from Abilene Zoo visits KTXS

By Kelly Killian, Kelly Killian,
POSTED: 8:30 AM Aug 17 2012
Abilene Zoo Python JoJo single shot
ABILENE, Texas -

Abilene Zoo education curator Joy Harsh and JoJo the python visited KTXS This Morning on Friday.

JoJo is a ball python. Zoo staff believe she is about 12-years-old. Ball pythons are constrictors and are not poisonous. JoJo is a larger python -- and is about four feet in length. She has the classic camouflage coloration. Ball pythons are native to the grasslands in Africa.

Ball pythons are one of the more popular types of snakes for pet ownership.

"Like any pet, you need to do your research," Harsh said.

Harsh said the rumor that snakes will not get larger than their containers is not correct. Ball pythons also usually live to be between 20 to 30 years old.

JoJo is one of two pythons at the Abilene Zoo. The python is a male named Monty. Harsh describe JoJo as the "more exploratory" of the two.