ABILENE, Texas -

About 700 women showed up at the 'Go Red for Women' luncheon at the Abilene Civic Center to promote awareness of the dangers of heart disease.

"More women die of heart disease than all of the cancers put together. That includes breast cancer," said radio host and MC for the event, Terry Diamond.

"It's the number one killer of women," said Laurie Lackey.

Abilene Regional Medical Center offered free cholesterol and blood pressure screenings.

"Early prevention is the key to keeping your heart protected," said Ellen Gandy.

Gandy has hypertension, and is no stranger to getting regular checkups to stay heart-healthy.

"I think everyone should have it done, whether it's free or not," said Gandy.

Diamond agrees.

"If you have that knowledge, you save your life," she said.

The ladies listened to testimonials from women who were suddenly struck with heart issues.

Patti Currie was in denial when her symptoms began. After surgery, she was told to stay home and rest. That's when another condition threatened her life and marriage.

"No one tells you about the depression," she explained through tears.

Videos were also shown to help educate women about the early signs of heart disease.

Though the event's cause was a serious one, having fun was a big part of the day's mission.

Keynote speaker Judy Urquhart travels to events to discuss the importance of humor and maintaining a low stress lifestyle to prevent heart disease.

"There's no better way to decrease stress than through the power of humor play and laughter," she said.

"Enjoy life now. Be in the moment."

Between a purse auction and donations, organizers are hoping to raise about $75,000 at Wednesday's luncheon.