More Abilene parents choosing to home school their children

POSTED: 7:59 PM Feb 07 2013   UPDATED: 8:03 PM Feb 07 2013
home schooling
ABILENE, Texas -

There's a school that is seeing a statewide increase in enrollment, but you won't see these students in a classroom on campus.  The number of parents and children choosing to home school is on the rise.

Sabrina Elliott is a mother of five children, all of whom she home schools.  She's also President of the Big Country Home Educators, and says more parents are exploring the possibility of teaching their own kids.  "We've seemed pretty steady, we usually have anywhere between 175 to 200 families a year," said Elliott.

Tim Lambert, President of the Texas Home School Coalition says state-wide, more than 300,000 kids are currently home schooled.   He adds that on average that number is increasing about  6 to 8% each year.  "I think there's just a fear in parents that maybe, how can we do things differently just to give them some ease of mind, and so there's people coming and asking us questions, trying to determine whether it will be a good fit for their family to be a home school family," said Elliott.

We talked to Psychotherapist Marc Orner about that.  He says parents need to pay close attention to whether their kids are flourishing at home.  "If you start to home school and you can see an upgrade in their behavior, in their personality, in the sense of demeanor, that they are happier, then you know what you're doing is making sense," said Orner.

Orner and Elliott agree; home schooling will require as much from the parent as it does the child.  "Home schooling means schooling, attention, interaction, spend time with them as if you're a real teacher...if you're just trying to take them out of the school environment and not giving them the tools then home schooling doesn't work," said Orner.

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