Motorcyclist killed after pickup driver trying to flee police slams into his bike

POSTED: 7:33 AM Oct 04 2012   UPDATED: 9:09 AM Oct 04 2012
Fatal crash
FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -

A motorcyclist is dead after his bike was slammed from behind by a pickup truck driver fleeing from Fort Worth police.

A patrol officer began the pursuit after spotting the truck speeding and driving recklessly Wednesday evening. It ended when the driver lost control making a turn, spun out and struck the man on a motorcycle so hard debris from the wreck littered the crash site for about 100 yards.

According to police, the driver got out of his wrecked truck and tried to run away but was caught by police. He's under guard at a hospital.

His name and the name of the motorcyclist who was killed were not immediately available.