ABILENE, texas -

 A private group is working to continue work to improve Pine Street, along with a couple of projects the city's working on.

A group called the Abilene Improvement Corporation owns about 19 properties on Pine.

The group uses private funds to buy up smaller, run-down properties in hopes of bundling them up, and then being able offer sizeable lots that a national developer may be interested in purchasing.

The City of Abilene is also continuing its efforts to improve Pine street.  Next on the agenda: demolishing property in front of the Civic Center.

"I'm really excited about the new improvement around the Civic Center, taking down some old dilapidated buildings, new parking, kind of a new entry way to the Civic Center. Hopefully there will be other businesses that will consider the opportunity to come and say I want to have my business on Pine Street," said Mayor Norm Archibald.

Mayor Archibald adds that the city has started talking with possible prospects for building a hotel downtown next to the Civic Center.