Second, bow your head down and put your hands behind your head. These safety rules won't keep lightning from striking you, but is will help keep you alive if you are struck directly.

If you can hear thunder from a storm, you are too close! Go inside a building, like your house or a business. If you are caught outside, get inside a car or truck. Don't ride bikes and golf carts. Stay away from trees, telephone poles, television antennas or other tall objects. If you are caught in the open, get in your crouched position and stay put.

KTXS Weather Center 12 has a tool to let you know if a thunderstorm is producing dangerous lightning. Lightning Tracker 12, a state of the art lightning detection system tells KTXS when and where cloud to ground lightning strikes occur anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico! We can even go down to a city street anywhere in the Big Country and tell you which block and street a lightning strike has hit.

Many Big Country residents spend a great deal of time outdoors. With Lightning Tracker 12 , you will know instantly how much lightning to expect so you can take safety precautions.