City officials confirmed to KTXS Wednesday that Shawn Adkins is a person of interest in the investigation of Hailey Dunn's disappearance, but no arrests have been made.

City Manager Pete Kampfer described a "person of interest" as someone who potentially is involved in a misdemeanor or felony.

He would not confirm if Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, is also a person of interest.

This comes after KTXS received copies of affidavits Tuesday that were filed by law enforcement officials for the purpose of securing search warrants to search for and seize evidence related to Hailey?s disappearance.

These documents revealed startling information on Hailey's mother Billie Dunn and Adkins, her former live-in boyfriend.

Police say the criminal investigation of Hailey's disappearance has intensified, but that they have not ruled out the possibility this is a missing person's case.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement and city officials released the latest information.

They say at this point they have not made any arrests, and no charges have been filed.

They added that each person of interest is under surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Trooper Sparky Dean said the investigation has narrowed into a criminal one, but they're not ready to rule out a missing person's case quite yet.

When asked about the affidavits, they had little comment.

"Through the affidavit, you've seen part of what the investigation is, but we're asking you not to jump to any conclusions...there's a lot more to this case." Department of Public Safety Senior Trooper Sparky Dean said.

During the press conference, KTXS asked, "Do you believe Shawn or Billie, one or both, know where Hailey is?"

Dean paused for a long time and then looked to Kampfer who responded, "I think that's a good question. They're working several leads to the nature of that."

Dean then responded, "Obviously, I don?t know what they are know or don't know. The people to best answer that question are Shawn or Billie."

Police have now searched over 80 square miles, received 250 viable leads and interviewed hundreds of people since Hailey Dunn disappeared Dec. 27.

Search crews will be out again Thursday. They say the goal has not changed: They're still working to find Hailey.