Snyder ISD says new junior high school will help with growing student population

POSTED: 10:25 PM Feb 08 2013
snyder jr high school
SNYDER, Texas -

Tuesday, the Snyder Board of Trustees voted to build a new junior high school to accommodate this year’s additional students. Classes aren't currently overcrowded at Snyder schools, but they have pretty much reached capacity.

"It’s exciting for our community and it's exciting for our school district to be growing and so it's a good thing," said Snyder ISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Brown. 

In order to have room to grow in the future, Snyder ISD decided to build a brand new junior high facility.

"Our enrollment situation that we're dealing with right now is why we're building this new school," Brown said. 

The new facility will cost more than $18 million and will be paid for out of the school district's savings account.

6th through 8th graders will start attending classes there when it opens in the fall of 2015 and with a projected 300 students joining the Snyder school district next year, it may only be the beginning.

"This may be the first of many schools that we have to build because our community is going to grow as a result of the wind activity, oil activity, Wal-Mart activity. This sleepy West Texas town is finally on the map and now everybody wants to be a part of it," said Executive Director of the Development Corporation of Snyder, Bill Lavers.

Snyder ISD will keep the old junior high school building that was built in 1959. It will be used by 4th and 5th graders.