ABILENE, Texas -

Last night, Colorado and Washington state voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Washington state will now allow people at least 21 years old to purchase as much as one ounce from a licensed retailer.

Colorado will allow possession of one ounce and also will permit growing as many as six plants in a private and secure area.

Just because the states voted to legalize it, however, doesn't mean that residents of those states can start lighting up.

A federal law still prohibits marijuana use.

"You're going to have the negotiating between the states and the Feds now," said adjunct professor of criminal justice at McMurry University, Dr. Lydia Long. "The Federal government still have the law on the books, so it's still enforceable." 

Washington, Colorado and Oregon were among the six states with marijuana on their ballots.

Residents in Massachusetts approved allowing marijuana for medical reasons, but Arkansas voters rejected the same proposal.