Sweetwater High School Basketball Coach Al Hunt found a 4-year-old boy walking along Interstate 20 on Tuesday morning.

The boy, Angel, was left on the side of the highway by his father, Carlos Rico. Rico, 22, admitted to the police that he strangled his son and left him for dead on the side of I-20 after having a ?religious experience.?

Coach Hunt told KTXS that he is not a hero. He said God gave him this opportunity to save this boy?s life and he believes he reacted the way any normal person would have.

?It was one of those deals that it just happened so quick, bam, bam, and you just react,? Hunt explained.

Hunt and his son, Michael, were traveling east on I-20, when he said he saw something that looked like a pole. Then the object turned around and he realized it was actually a child."

?We backed up even with him and I jumped out and by the time I got out of the car two 18 wheelers were coming side by side right at us and I just held my hands up and asked him to stand still and by that time my heart was just racing,? Hunt said as he relived the experience.

Hunt told KTXS the 4-year-old was standing about five feet from the yellow line on the left side of the highway.

?Where he was standing, if a truck came by, the wind from the truck would push him or kind of blow him around where he was at,? Hunt said.

After hunt ran across the highway, he asked the boy if he was okay but he did not respond. He then asked the kid how old he was and he held up four fingers. Then, when he asked where his parents were the boy pointed to the east.

?With all those needles in him apparently, from that cactus, he had to be hurting and he may just been numb,? Hunt said.

Coach Hunt's son, Michael can not help but wonder how someone could do this to a child.

?I couldn't see my dad doing that to me, but I just felt kind of bad somebody could do that to a little kid,? Michael said.

?Some things that you see in life, you never forget that picture and that was one of them for me.? Coach Hunt said. ?That little kid just standing there with those trucks flying by. I'll probably lay in bed at night just thinking about him, just take care of your children."

Rico was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Saginaw. He was transferred to Nolan County Jail Wednesday night. His current charge is Abandon/Endanger Child Imminent Danger Bodily Injury.

Sweetwater police said there is a good chance his charge could be upgraded to attempted murder.

His bond is set at $50,000.