MERKEL, Texas -

Over 86,000 acres have burned Sunday in Texas.

The Texas Forest Service has set up headquarters for all of the state, in Merkel.

Texas Forest Service is the backbone for all fire operations through out the state.

David Abernathy with the Forest Service told us, "What we do is coordinate fire response basically across the state from here, so we have teams in the field deployed from here to all the way to southern tip of the state."

TFS says they train hours and hours for fire season.

Jane Amen, who is a Fire Prevention Specialist, says being ready is key, "Their well briefed, they have pocket cards, everybody is as ready for this event as they can possibly be."

When fires become too big for local firefighters to handle the TFS steps in.

From their command center in Merkel, they monitor fires across the entire state, track the amount of man power that is being assigned and order air-strikes for the more intense blazes.

Lewis Kearney told KTXS "With the drought pattern Texas has had fire season now is almost running 12 months out of the year, I mean that's not normal."

The TFS says this year, Texas could be facing the worst fire season in years.