Tips to keep your home secure over the holidays

POSTED: 6:12 PM Nov 21 2012   UPDATED: 8:19 PM Nov 21 2012
ABILENE, Texas -

As you pack up your suitcases and your car to travel for Thanksgiving, Abilene police want to make sure you do not forget to lock up your home and protect it from would-be burglars.

"It's all about risk analysis and burglars do that," Officer George Spindler said. "They're going to see what, to them, is a vulnerable home. If it looks that way to them, then they're going to check it out. Let's make their job as hard as possible."

Before you head out for the holidays, you should make sure a neighbor or someone you trust knows you will be away so they can check on your home. They can also pick up your mail, newspaper or trash so passerby will not know you are away.

You may trust your Facebook friends or followers on Twitter, but police said you must avoid posting your vacation plans on social media.

"Anybody that has access to that information--they may find themselves relaying that information to others who have access to that information and it's relayed to another and another. We just need to be more careful about what we're saying," Spindler said.

You should also leave your home well lit and use your alarm system if you have one. Last, but not least, make sure all of your doors are closed and locked.