ABILENE, Texas -

A Tuscola woman was indicted Thursday for allegedly stealing hundreds of insurance checks from an Abilene business.

According to court records, 53-year-old Carla Caraway was the billing manager at Chest and Sleep Medicine in South Abilene.

The owner reported a significant amount of missing accounts payable and an auditor found a $150,000 shortfall.

Police said Caraway quit not long after the audit and a detective found that insurance checks sent to the office were deposited in an account named C&S Medical Billing Chest and Sleep Medicine; however, the account was registered under Caraway’s name.

From January 2008 to July 2012, Caraway allegedly deposited 492 checks, amounting to $640,977.12, under her account.

A Taylor County grand jury indicted Caraway for theft Thursday.