ABILENE, Texas -

Planned Parenthood’s Abilene Perini Center will be closing next month, the result of state budget cuts.

The center at 3449 N. 10th St. will shut down effective Nov. 9, said Carla Holeva of Planned Parenthood of West Texas.

“It’s an incredibly difficult decision for our board,” Holeva said.

The center, which has been in Abilene since 2000, has provided birth control, general health care, HIV testing,  and pregnancy and STD testing, among other services, according to its website.

Planned Parenthood Choice, which has shared the building with Planned Parenthood of West Texas, has also provided medication abortions one day a month over the past two or three years, Holeva said.

Those abortion services were discontinued last week, she said.

A medical abortion is "one that is brought about by taking medications that will end a pregnancy," according to National Abortion Federation's website.

Surgical abortions haven't been conducted at the Abilene facility.

Meanwhile, Holeva said having to close the Abilene facility is the result of cuts to a women’s health care program by Gov. Rick Perry.

Approximately 160,000 women across Texas have relied on the program’s funding, including about 1,500 annually at the Abilene center, Holeva said, noting the program provided pap smears, breast exams and birth control for participants.

“It (the program) has absolutely no connection to abortion,” Holeva said.

However, she said, the fact that the building will close down will mean the served women must seek medical abortions and other services elsewhere.

“Medical records will be transferred to Planned Parenthood West Texas’s San Angelo Health Center,” a prepared Planned Parenthood statement said. “We will also transfer records to another provider upon request.”

During the past 12 years, protesters have targeted the Abilene facility and participated in 40 Days for Life as part of pro-prayer, anti-abortion and other activities.